Editing & Proofreading Service

We specialise in editing both small and major assignments from all academic levels in an array of academic subjects, as well as professional content. We can ensure your writing is in excellent form and has no grammatical, spelling and vocabulary errors with our specialist editors & proofreaders.

Prepare for your English writing exams with our specialist examiners.

We provide English Writing exam practice questions for you to answer and submit in for our specialist writing examiners to mark. Make sure you are fully ready for your writing exam with practice and expert advice from our highly experienced professional examiners.

Online Buzz Classes

Now offering online tutoring classes in English Language speaking, Biology and Maths. Our English Language Buzz classes focus on speaking and grammar, and is conducted on an online platform that allows audio conferencing and interactive learning. Our Biology and Math classes are specifically for Key Stage 2-4 students (Primary to GCSE levels).

We are determined in helping you get the best results.

Upload your document here for us to proofread, edit and format, and benefit from a 10% discount on your first order (See 'Our Services' drop list for pricing).

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