Our organisation:

English Writing Experts consists of a team of experienced and qualified editing and proofreading professionals, English language writing examiners, and copy-writing specialists, based in the United Kingdom. We are passionate professional writers with years of experience in working with both national and international clients, as well as both students and professionals. Our team of experts are qualified in a wide range of specialist fields in Linguistics, Business & Marketing, Social Sciences and Applied Science, with a solid foundation in academia, ranging from assessment specialists to educators, and over 10 years experience in the field. Through our experience, diverse specialisms and qualifications, and sheer passion for what we do, our team have developed the skills and essential expertise to support our clients in achieving their academic and career goals through our editing, tutorial and content marketing services.


Our mission:

English Writing Experts is an organisation that is devoted to providing opportunities that aid individuals in their academic advancements and professional progression, through developing abilities to communicate both competently and influentially through writing. Effective communication in the realms of academia, and throughout one’s career, is vital in achieving goals. Written communication, as well as spoken, are essential tools in any career and academic path. Therefore, the ability to influence and make an impact in society lies in these tools, and how they are used.

Our aim is to empower individuals by teaching the art of using written communication in the most effective way, so that they can reach their full potential, and in turn inspire others to do the same.